Would you like to receive communications training, as a group or individually?

TWOONS offers several kinds of training:

Crisis communications and incident management

How do you deal with media pressure in a crisis situation? How do you prepare yourself and prepare your employees? How do you prevent a crisis from harming your image and confidence capital? During this crisis communications training, participants learn lots of tips and advice on detecting what traps to avoid and attitudes to encourage so that everything runs smoothly. The training includes both a theoretical part and practical exercises.

Training in  spokesmanship and public speaking

It is not always natural to express oneself in front of microphones and cameras or take to the public stage in an auditorium, during a conference, at a press conference… So TWOONS will teach you techniques which will help you speak, in terms of both content and form. You will also learn to use your voice, your language and your mannerisms convincingly. Training which focusses on practice will provide you with all of the tools you need to become an eloquent spokesman. 

Media Training

Whether you are seeking training for one person or a group of people, spread over a full day or a crash course, at TWOONS, we can design media training to meet your organisation's requirements. The training which we provide is practice-oriented and is moulded to your organisation's specific context. During the training, the stress is especially placed on practical exercises through camera feedback and real life interviews. The training will teach you good interview techniques, how to convey your message clearly, and how to create a media situation which will be of benefit to everyone.


Communications techniques for salesmen and customer services operatives

Salesmen and customer services operatives must also be able to communicate effectively with their customers and prospects. Offering custom training, TWOONS provides them with the resources they need to improve their interaction with them and stresses all of the elements of relational communications. During the training, TWOONS will especially concentrate on the principles of active listening and dealing with complaints and disputes effectively.

Interested in our communications training? Based near Hal, we travel all over Belgium and outside (France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). Would you like to ask us any questions? If so, contact us now.