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Is it in 2018 still relevant to invest in a media and public relations strategy?


5 August 2018


Although communication efforts have become standard strategy for most businesses, there are still companies that function with little or no PR spend.

With social and online media taking the lead in the universe of communication, one might question the relevance of a PR and media relations strategy. We are strong believers in the effect of a combination of both social/online media and a more traditional media relations strategy.

Why? Because a successful media relations plan unquestionably leads to a number of benefits…

Effective media relations can improve business outcomes by generating new leads. When a company gets covered in targeted media outlets, its assets and strengths become more visible to prospects.

The right media relations strategy can also generate more attention from potential investors. Using the right messages, PR increases a company’s credibility as a potentially lucrative investment target. And, in the same line of thought, it can also attract potential acquirers.

Using media relations tactics with impact will also attract prospective employees. A strategy that focuses on thought leadership will increase the company’s profile as an interesting employer. Implemented in the right way, PR can also boost the motivation of existing employees.

Looking for a win-win partnership with key journalists? Then PR is your answer. Maintaining a steady flow of relevant and targeted media statements reinforces the relationship with journalists. When working in a personalized way with the press, the company will benefit of its positioning as a thought leader.

As you have noticed, there are still reasons enough to invest in an effective media relations strategy and plan.

By means of conclusion we can even state that it can lead to a reduction of costs in your marketing budget. How? By taking advantage of synergies between earned, paid, owned and shared media you can achieve greater impact at a lower cost than with strategies built around one particular pillar.


And… are you convinced that media relations still make sense today?








24 July 2018


Are you looking to distinguish yourself with your writing? Then authenticity is your best option!

As professional content managers we are very often focusing on qualitative copywriting. In the past we have noticed that some pieces are more successful than others. The content in which we mix humor, vulnerability and personal stories, have been standing out from the other, flatter, stories. We plead for authenticity in copywriting.

When people feel that you’re authentic, then they are more likely to connect with your content.

So, how can you become authentic in your writing?

Our first advice is to skip jargon in your writing. Use words that you actually use also in real life. In doing so, your writing becomes more relatable and, in consequence, more authentic.

Further: weave in personal stories. It’s an unbeatable way to bring your copy to life and humanize the content for your readers. And if these personal stories have a humoristic touch, then you win twice. 

We have also noticed that vulnerability contributes to authentic writing. For a lot of us, being too vulnerable is pretty scary. What will people think or say? Well, don’t worry about that because we all have the same fears… and that your readers will recognize these fears. They will relate to your vulnerability and connect easier with the content you share.

Finally, make sure that your writing is aligned with the values and vision you stand for.

Authentic copywriting that connects your readers is an intelligent combination of real life words, personal stories with a humoristic touch, vulnerability and alignment with vision and values.

What are you waiting for?