TWOONS is a communications agency based near Hal. TWOONS manages your projects as if they were its own, anywhere in Belgium or France, the Netherlands or Luxembourg.

Together, we will put words to your convictions and your dreams. We will give them shape by shouting from the rooftops to anyone who wants to hear that you are the best and that they would be stupid not to believe it!

Put more simply…

We are fanatical about communications and will help you reach your targets by providing communications solutions and tools which are creative, pragmatic and effective. By getting into the nitty-gritty of what you do, together, we will determine the most suitable communications strategies for your projects. We will give your organisation the help it deserves by developing your content, managing your social media and your press relations and providing you with training appropriate to the communications industry.

Why did we create TWOONS?

Dedicated to the world of communications for many years, in mid-2015, Nathalie and Chris decided to establish TWOONS. The many developments witnessed in the communications sector and the evolution in customer expectations were the basis for the decision. Because nowadays, customers are looking for specialist, to-the-point advice and communications activities which generate results.

TWOONS would like to meet these expectations with special focus on content marketing by integrating the social and online side of communications.

TWOONS is small and flexible. Just as its founders intended. Having spent many years in larger structures, Nathalie and Chris resolutely opted for a small agency which, they say, is your guarantee of commitment and better interaction with customers.
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